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Pneumatic Riveting Equipment

"Elite" Pneumatically Operated Riveting Equipment
We are amongst some leading Pneumatic Riveting Equipment Suppliers who are serving these epitomes of engineering. "Elite" Pneumatically Operated Riveting Equipment is air operated equipment, which has been widely preferred for fast riveting that too with least maintenance. Our Pneumatic Rivet Equipment is suitable for placing 3/16" dia blind (Pop type) rivets of Alu. Alloy. Our Pneumatically Operated Riveting Equipment requires operating air pressure 80-120 lbs./P.s.i. They are very light, having weight of 3.5kgs (Approx). Extra heavy equipments for setting 6mm (1/4") dia blind rivets of Alu. Alloy will be manufactured against order). Lastly, we offer these equipments at the most competitive prices.

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